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STAR , STAR2 by deathcon



1.22 released 5/15/2004 ~ score 1860
little improvements

1.21 released 4/1/2004 ~ score 1843 (+5 since version 1.20)
i made a few improvements on version 1.20

1.60 released 3/20/2004 ~ score <1750
fixed some bugs
now surfes more then just one (the nearest) Wave.
Like 1.50 a completely broken version. As i realized that has not just a little bug i removed it from RR. Seems as if i have to get my linux running in order to debug Star with robocodeGL. Maybe i will release 1.21 first and someday when i fixed all the bugs in 1.5+ WaveSurfing will come back

1.50 complete rewrite
tried to implement WaveSurfing but there is still a giant bug i cant find

1.20 released 3/16/2004 ~ score 1838 (+23)
tried to flattern the movement
added a wall segment to gun
added a velocity change segment ( inspired by raiko) - i used a change circle directory segment till now.

1.01 released 3/13/2004 ~ score 1815 (+38)
adaptive movement

Star (1):

1.11 releases 3/9/2004 ~ score 1773 (+1)
fixed a small bug in movement

1.1 released 3/5/2004 ~ score 1772 (+17)
fixed a bug in wall segment calculation
changed fire power calculation in order to fire harder

1.0 first public release 3/4/2004 ~ score: 1755.82
1v1 mega-bot with adaptive movement and GuessFactorGun



What's special about it?

You can set my behavior my.behavior maybe you can tell me other things that are spezial about it...

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?


How competitive is it?

I can't tell you but it should rank at least within the first 50

How does it move?

It circles around the enemy (old)DT-like and changes/modifies its parameters used in keep movement flat calculation.

How does it fire?

It uses GuessFactorTargeting

How does it dodge bullets?

It doesn't really dodge.it just tries to have a flat movement profile

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

What is melee ;D

What does it save between rounds and matches?

It saves its movement parameters between rounds and aimfactors between matches

Where did you get the name?

I didn't get the name. The name got me...

Can I use your code?

Maybe someday

What's next for your robot?

Does it have any WhiteWhales?

i really haven't tested alot. but i has of cause. I will add them.

What other robot(s) is it based on?

It's not based on other robots

Comments, questions, feedback:

Congrats, Star2 is now a top 30... Keep that pace, the comunity was needing a high ranked german bot! -- Axe

True :D - and i am working hardly to get it into the top 25, top 10 , top 5 ... my time will come (i am the youngest active robocoder in the RR i guess - 15y) --deathcon

Drat. Now that I'm 16 you make me feel old... Anyway, nice bot you have there. -- Alcatraz

Something tells me we have even younger particpants. =) -- PEZ

Released Star2 1.20. Hope it will get into the top 25, as near as possible to #20 and about 1825 points. Every point about this will be pleasent ,too. Lets see :D --deathcon

Seems as if it worked. --deathcon

want to make a star vs. r2d2 league? --andrew

Why not :D - i think star looses the direct duel. But i am working hardly to change this. my next step to take is to implement an AntiMirrorSystem, WaveSurfing instead of movement-variables-modification and a secound gun (as VitualGun?) so i think i will not be able to counter an attack of r2d2 in the very next time. --deathcon

so...yes? we can have the first battle when ever you want. do you want to do multiple 35 round matches? --andrew if you want to beat r2d2, ram it

ram it???

yeah,watch radnor.ramrod fight it. there are actually a good ammount of younger robocoders. all the radnor people.--andrew

For example, andrew is 3. ;-) --David Alves

move out of the way deathcon, i'm now the youngest robocoder at 3. where did 3 come from?--andrew

At 3. ???

Cool. My daughter is 4, and she can both read and write. But it will take a few years more before she can help me build robots. =) -- PEZ

Hey #17 !!! Seems as if i managed to jump into the top 10. Time for a break. Tomorrow i will go to austria - snowbording - for two weeks. Maybe i'll get some inspiration there, i will tell you later (or show). Please be so fair not to upload new bots or version that make my bot get a lower ranking. thank you alot --Deathcon

Congrats, and good snowboarding! -- Axe

It was cool indeed and this holliday gave me the time to think about different things - including robocode !!! I got some interesting ideas which i am trying to form a new bot with. Yeah i started a new project ( development-name is HuntedHunter? , :D impressive isn't it :D)) ) but i dont expect it to get releaseable in the very next time. It's alot of work. These days helped me to get clear what to do with my Star ,too. I decided to release the final version and a mini version of it and end it. --deathcon

Uploaded first version of LittleStar?. Expect it to get at least within the first 20 in mini and about #30 overall, but lets see. --deathcon

Wait, doesn't that mean some ways below FloodMini in mini and just above it in general? -- Kawigi

Sorry ,although i wanted to write 50 instead of 30 my prediction was way to optimistic. There seems to be a huge bug in it i cant find. --deathcon

If you make your bot OpenSource we could help you nail that bug. =) -- PEZ

This idea already came to my mind ... but i will try finding and tweaking the bot first. And of cause make it readable. (and remove lines like

 // kill Pugilist and beat this damn geek Raiko 
:D) --deathcon

Uploaded LittleStar? 1.11 and it is open source. It is tweaked and bugfixed and i can't wait until i can see the first results... --deathcon

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