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I'm experimenting a bit with chaos in robocode now, with interesting results...
Starting numbers:
Number 1: 1
Number 2: 2
Number 3: 3
Iteration 1: number1=0; number2=-6; number3=-18
Iteration 2: number1=0; number2=-126; number3=-1026
Iteration 3: number1=0; number2=-48006; number3=-3161106
Iteration 4: number1=0; number2=-6913872126; number3=-29977782913026
Iteration 5: number1=0; number2=-143404883344780900000; number3=-2.6960024051416305e+27
Iteration 6: number1=0; number2=-6.169488170139066e+40; number3=-2.1805286905588372e+55
Iteration 7: number1=0; number2=-1.1418775284445764e+82; number3=-1.426411611105071e+111
Iteration 8: number1=0; number2=-3.911652869900083e+164; number3=-6.103950252886094e+222
Iteration 9: number1=0; number2=-Infinity; number3=-Infinity
Perhaps the numbers can represent the time in a game. Notice the difference in the three numbers after just two iterations of the chaos function! and the function isn't complicated or slow at all:

 0: set the value of n
 1: n1=r*n1-1*(1-n1-1)
 2: n2=r*n2-1*(1-n2-1)
 x: nx=r*nx-1*(1-nx-1)
(sorry about the html, it's the only way i can write it. the formula's also at [1]). Anyways, a simple formula like this can yield very different results with just a slight change. :) maybe I'll somehow put it into an oscillator...here's the results from one more test:
Starting numbers:
Number 1: 100
Number 2: 99.9
Number 3: 99.8
Iteration 1: number1=-29700; number2=-29640.330000000005; number3=-29580.719999999998
Iteration 2: number1=-2646359100; number2=-2635736408.516701; number3=-2625145729.3151994
Iteration 3: number1=-21009649466397508000; number2=-20841319253448765000; number3=-20674170308300927000
Iteration 4: number1=-1.3242161121026912e+39; number2=-1.3030817646725226e+39; number3=-1.2822639538098948e+39
Iteration 5: number1=-5.260644934657102e+78; number2=-5.094066256266167e+78; number3=-4.932602541720552e+78
Iteration 6: number1=-8.302315538560028e+157; number2=-7.784853306968881e+157; number3=-7.299170350376416e+157
Iteration 7: number1=-Infinity; number2=-Infinity; number3=-Infinity

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