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I have silently read this wiki and done some small unreleased test robots since spring 2004. I released my first bots at the end of august 2004.


Name Size Features
Festis NanoBot WallSmoothing
Mer NanoBot StatisticalTargeting / GuessFactorTargeting
Interpreter MicroBot Executes code stored in strings

Great! Welcome to the wiki :-) --Vic

Thanks! -- Strider

My 60Gb disk crashed last week. Luckely my cvs-repository was on the other disk so I lost none of my programming projects. Now I have a new 200Gb disk and have reinstalled most of the programs I use. To test my setup of RoboRumble I have released a new version of Festis with new targeting. I'm also going to make the source code of both my bot available on the wiki (extra backup in case I suffer another crash). -- Strider

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