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I am currently evaluating Subversion with TortoiseSVN? and I must say, I am very impressed. I have worked with CVS for many years now, and got used to its quirks so it was a little bit strange to suddenly have versioning on the directory structure (!) and version numbering of the entire tree instead of on each single file. I am suspecting there must be a downside or tradeoff somewhere, because if not, I can't understand why the whole world is still using good ol' CVS. I'll check back to let y'all know whether or not I have found any quirks in Subversion. --Vic

Interesting. Can you give us some good URLs on where to find Subversion information? -- PEZ


Happy reading :-)


There's one thing really great about Subversion: you can move files and directories around at will!. Those of you familiar with CVS probably know how great that is!

I also love TortoiseSVN? because of the shell integration. Of course CVS users also have that benefit with TortoiseCVS?.

On the downside, the branching and tagging is very different compared to CVS. Actually in Subversion branches and tags are nothing more then copies of your entire folder structure. In a way, this is much more intuitive, but I have grown so accustomed to the CVS way that I find it easy to make mistakes when setting a Subversive repository up, or even switching/committing to branches or tags.


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