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This team of robots acts exactly as the TwintelligenceTeam, except for the difference that is uses linear targeting, and achives its goal in about half the codesize. Its mostly hacked togeather like all my quickie bots, this team does not communicate with each other at all, they don't even know the others position, they assume that the other member of the team will do what its suppose to without any prompting at all, as it should.

In this case the Leader robot pairs off with the enemy Leader and the other with the enemies other robot. Thier targeting is linear, because if the code works the way it should they will never be more then 100 away from the enemy, severly limiting the manuevering room of the enemy.Because there is so much extra space, I may expand on this robot and add in wall advoidance and code to dodge around other robots so that it can get into position correctly.

Its.. interesting to see this team fight TwintelligenceTeam, as they are attempting to do exactly the same thing, get behind the enemy. However this team somehow beats the TwintelligenceTeam with an average of 50 to 25.

I get a 0 for creativity, but I think the idea that Greywhind used for his bot is in itself not bad, just undeveloped.

The Team Jar: http://chase.tfsnewworld.com/bots/chase.twin.SurroundingTeam_1.0.jar


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