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I think we missed the TargetingChallenge2K4, so here's this page. Anyway, I'm looking for 10 good movements to test my gun against. What are you guys using as your testbed/what would you recommend? -- Alcatraz

I'm still getting my gun up to snuff on the original TargetingChallenge, but I planned to soon move on to a new testbed of better movers. Maybe it's time to put together a TargetingChallenge2K6? I definitely would want CassiusClay on there, and probably Shadow. Florent's Toad might be a good one to have, too, seeing its MovementChallenge scores, and maybe PowerHouse; my dev version of Dookious has a pretty good score on the MovementChallenge, too. -- Voidious

For extends robot, Krazy and Girl are the two I test against --UnderDark

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