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I tend to pop in and out of active robocoding. Somehow, when I've returned over the last year and a half+, I've always expected(and been pleased) that http://robowiki.net and the RoboRumble are online and available. I recognize, and I hope you do too, that this isn't easy. There are two robocode enthusiasts behind the scenes that don't get the credit they deserve - PEZ and Pulsar never say much. They only fix things when they're broken. To both of you, I say thanks so much for this whole weird, rich, great community. It's an amazing thing you've done. To everyone else that enjoys the site, please consider tossing a buck or two their way via the PayPal? link located at the bottom of each wiki page. Thanks again PEZ and Pulsar! You and your bots kick ass. --Corbos

Yeah, I wholeheartedly second everything Corbos says in his post above. It may sound cheesy or just frighteningly geeky, but this wiki and this community have really had a big effect on my life (and my sleep), and I'm really really grateful to PEZ, Pulsar, and everyone else that's made it possible. I do certainly hope that some others also contribute a few bucks once in a while - there's enough of us here that we could easily cover the expenses. Anyway, keeping it short and sweet: PEZ and Pulsar, you rock. -- Voidious

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