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People who have written a bot with a RoboRumble@Home rating of over 2000 points with at least 1000 battles fought in the micro 1-v-1 category.

Name FlagBot Date of admission Screenshot
1. Skilgannon Toorkild 0.1 May 21, 2008[screenshot]

I'm not going to add Lothrik quite yet, because he only has about 200 battles now, but I thought I'd make the page first off, since he's currently at 2006.5 points. -- MaXiMiUS

Toorkild is at 2001.14, but only 611 battles fought :( just 389 more though! :) --Starrynte

Finally! The evil fiend called 'Rating Drift' has been defeated by innovation =) I haven't *quite* been in robocode for a year yet... ear to ear grin =) -- Skilgannon

Congratulations Skilgannon! This is making me more motivated to make the run to be the first member of The2000Club/Team?... =) -- Rednaxela

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