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I propose a league that I will probably run myself, if and when i get round to downloading RoboLeague. All battles will take place on 5000 by 5000 battlefields, both melee and 1v1. This is basically a challenge for people to create robots that don't rely on radar too much. I can forsee search patterns and things being developed, which might be interesting. What do people think about this? -- Tango

Interesting. It would be also nice to have 5000x5000 team battles, so complex strategies can be developed. I don't see it for 1v1. -- Albert

I didn't think about teams. I think they would work well. 1v1 might be interesting, depending on what people design. You would need to find a way to find the enemy, and creep up on them without them finding you... I don't really have any idea how to do it. The strategies used for droid only teams would be useful here. What do you think about melees? I guess you could have more robots at a time, that might be interesting. -- Tango

1-v-1 wouldn't be that great - most battles would be draws. Melee would be much cooler though, you wouldn't have bots dying right away because they started off in the middle of a bunch of other bots. Team battles would also be good for the same reason. 5000x5000 seems like overkill though, 2000x2000 is already really big for melee and team battles. --David Alves

Tango has something of a point. Put many bots on a 2000x2000 battlefield with Walls, and they lose quite a few more rounds than they would on 800x600. Bots seem to be designed with space restrictions in mind (due to leagues being run on 1000x1000 or smaller), and a larger battlefield would benefit more flexible bots. Just a thought. --nano

I can't really see current bots entering this league. It would need specialy made bots. The reason i want 5000x5000 is because the aim is not to make more space for the robots, but to make the battlefield too big for radar to work, adding a new dimension to the game. -- Tango

It would be neat to run two melee leagues: one on a 500x500 battlefield and another on a 5000x5000 battlefield, and see how well robots scale between the two extremes. The results might be suprising. -- Ray Vermette

Surely the best strategy in a 5000x5000 melee would be to hide for as long as possible and just listen for the bots being killed and so you only make an appearance once there are only say 1 or 2 bots remaining. I think the interesting bit would be the 'end game' which would be a bit like hunting a moving needle in a haystack Hexkid

See: PointBlankCompetition. That is one strategy, but is there an easy way to tell how many robots there are to start with, without scanning them? -- Tango

getOthers()? -- PEZ

Such a method exists? Why didn't someone tell me! Grrrr.. -- Tango

There used to be such a league. Simon Parker used to run a 2000x2000 league with all the Gladiatorial League's bots every once in a while. I "trained" Tron for such big arenas, Tron RR and Tron 1.2 are prepared if anybody wants to start such a competition ;).

I've now got around to downloading roboleague. Post to /signup? if you want to join. -- Tango

Ha! Thanks, ABC, I found the RandomPageLink. And if this isn't a random page, I don't know what is! -- Kawigi

Lol, I found this one earlier too! I needed posted to ask if anything had become of this. I spent a small amount of time making Vapour large arena compliant way back in the dim distant past. At least it doesn't crash unlike some bots when it can't see all opponents! And it does come out of its corner in order to try to find things, but I'm sure there are some interesting search strategies to play around with, and scope for strategic manoeuvring to avoid being visible to too many opponents at once. -- Shrubbery

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