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Hey, im a norwegian kido, 20 years old. I have been surfing the wiki for some time now, and finally started coding a serious bot.

My bots
Crusader - Megabot with WaveSurfing and patternsignature matcher MultipleChoice gun.
AinippeNano - Nanobot with lateral velocity pm gun and some simple dodging.

I just uploaded my first bot, its called crusader and its gonna be fun to see how it does and hopefully i will develop it further and go top30 or something ^_-.

Welcome to the wiki. Don't forget to create a page for Crusader. We would love to hear what you are trying. New people always bring good ideas with them. -- jim

Välkommen till wikin kära granne! =) -- PEZ

Very nice work on the AinippeNano bot! Liked the problem bot index vs Freddie :D Score: 94.6 Expected: 39.5 Problembot index: 55.1 (!!!) Never seen that high before. Especially vs the current leader (of NanoBots) :) Super sweet. -- Toz

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