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Duelist is back.

My next bot, intendend to reclaim as many highscores as possible from SandboxDT. :-)

It uses DuelistMiniMelee's movement for melee movement and an entirely new 1-v-1 movement algorithm. 1-v-1 movement is now designed to foil enemy targeting systems by mixing forward/backward/reverse in such a way that it spends approximately the same amount of time on all enemy virtual bullet paths (assuming the enemy uses angular targeting). In other words, it is designed to actively balance its movement so that any gun angle the enemy decides to fire using will have about the same chance of hitting as any other angle. Although many bots do this pretty well in the center of the field, Warmonger does a much better job of it when it is in a corner or against a wall than other bots.

It uses virtual bullets for targeting, and is the first bot I've written that uses them for melee as well as 1-v-1. In melee it interpolates the enemy's position between scans when determining whether a virtual bullet hit or not.

In my tests it does about as well as Cigaret - I expect to get it up to (and beyond!) SandboxDT's level within a few weeks. If you'd like to know how well your bot does vs. the current development version of it, email me and I'll run a test for you. (As if anyone cared that much... :-P)

David Alves

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