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I don't know of that many bugs in the wiki script. But here's the place to list them:


Problem When a user posting to the wiki without having set her/his [Preferences] it often happens that that post gets listed on the Changes page as having been posted by someone else. There's not much I can do abut it. (I've searched the script very much for how to fix the bug, but I'm at loss.)

Solution To make the bug appear as seldom as possible everybody should:

  1. Edit their Preferences. (This information is stored in a cookie on your own computer. You need to edit the prefs when you post from a different computer or even a different web browser on the same computer.)
  2. Make a page for themselves, see PageLink. (Well, this is not strictly necessary, but it's polite to offer some introduction to yourself, in'it?).

Bug this or that

When you notice a bug. Post it on this page.


This line shouldn't show up in the table, yet it does. This bug was also present in Jonathan's page. There is a workaround, though:


just type an extra < br> tag before the line (without the space between < and br>). --Dummy

I know HTML... it was just another way to show it. ;-) (and I thought it was already known?) -- Jonathan

It doesn't matter if it's already known. The point with this page is not mainly to identify new bugs. (Because they're probably not going to be fixed anyway.) But to make the wiki visitors aware on the quirks that exist. -- PEZ

Email notification

I can't turn off email notification, and I've now got email going to 2 addresses... help! -- Alphax

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