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Why is ad.last.Bottom even in the competition? Doesn't it screw with the rankings given that *everyone*, regardless of rating, clobbers it? --David Alves

Which you can't assume obviously. =) To begin with it was to check where the bottom ranking was. Now I think some of us have grown fond of it. -- PEZ

You must be crashing to get that low, surely? -- Tango

No it's just a matter of offsetting the gun incorrectly, it would be less apparent against other bots where it's a guess anyway. -- Kuuran

Ugluk 0.6.6 scored second to last in the Roborumble and Meleerumble. In melee he was outscored by SittingDuck. Something was wrong. -- Martin Alan Pedersen

I tried downloading ad.last.Bottom and it would not do anything after it rammed you once. -- Kinsen

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