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the calculatortest is a test i invented to test my genetic / neuralnet - combo - brain - classes.

the test is :

  1. provide 4 classes, each doing a simple operation, like adding 2 floats, dividing 2 floats etc.
  2. now give the nn 3 floats as input, the first 2 numbers are the 2 floats that should be processed by the nn, and the third number defines which operstion should be done. in my case, 0 means to add the first 2 floats, 1 means to calculate the difference etc.
  3. repeat step 2 a lot of times and rate the output.
  4. let the nn evolve by calling evolve();
  5. repeat steps 2-4 a lot of times
  6. watch the output being wrong at the beginning and getting more and more accurate
  7. be happy if it works.


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