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  This is a list of data of how many times eac could execute in 5 seconds,
  all functions except random() used double precision

sin() count:	2708243
cos() count:	2708136
tan() count:	2538221
asin() count:	2929781
acos() count:	2909501
atan() count:	2807532
sqrt() count:	3059534
cbrt() count:	2691929
log() count:	2754800
log10() count:	2714336
abs() count:	3087193
exp() count:	2918051
round() count:	2903572
random() count: 2901639
pow() count:	2504373
add count:	3083395
sub count:	3024863
multi count:	3086919
divide count:	3051925

No huge difference you may think, but it appears the pow(), cbrt(), and tan() methods are very slow, with the trig methods bringing up a close second, followed by logs, while everything else is about equal.

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