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No. I want to be finished with it before I publish it.
Yes. I'm begging you to help me getting it smaller. Watch DaRula/code!

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*Make it a NanoBot. Now at 252 CodeSize.
*Make it a NanoBot. Now at 239 CodeSize.
*Maybe improof Some small things

What's special about it?

There is nothing special about it. It's only suprisingly good.

How competetive?

I've only tried some MicroBots. I will update this as soon as I get some NanoBots and mine is one too.

Where can I download it?

Nowhere yet. I will upload it somewhere.

How does it fire?


How does it move?

It adjusts 90 to its target and moves ahead. When it expects that the Enemy fired it reverses its movement direction with some possibilty. This movement is very weak against quadratic battlefields smaller than 1000 because it gets stuck in the edges.

Why that name?

I was sitting at the notebook of a friend and wanted to create a bot that is only good enough to kill sample.Target?. So I just took a name that was just too much for the bot because I expected I would delete it after an hour....

Can I use your code?

Yes. I'm begging you to help me getting it smaller. Watch DaRula/code!

What's next for this bot?


Thanks to the Laptop of my friend :D


What happens when you make it fight itself? -- Martin Alan Pedersen

The most important thing is that one of them will push the other in an edge and then the one in the edge will loose because of the higher hitrate and wall-hit-damage. The targeting is not very bad vs. the movement because of the direction changes. -- gez

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