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* You should try Minimum Risk Movement, it gave me better results then my anti-gravity ever did, though the theory of them are very simular. (point calculations seem to give better results and themsleves can be used to avoid the walls). Don't worry about the trig, if your robocoding, you'll be a expert in no time. -- Chase-san

I'm a robocode newbie, trying to remember my high-school trig. :-)

welcome to the wiki. --deathcon


I have a question already. I'm working on putting anti-gravity movement into one of my test bots. I think I've got the basics working, but my bot seems to like to run into walls, and then stay there - despite the walls having repulsive force. This happens even in one-on-one: my bot will sometimes run away from the enemy until it hits a wall, and then stay there for the rest of the round. Can anyone tell me where my error is? The code below is from my run method.

		while(true) {
			Iterator keys = enemies.keySet().iterator();
			double xForce = 0.0;
			double yForce = 0.0;
			while( keys.hasNext() ) {
				Enemy enemy = (Enemy) enemies.get(keys.next());


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