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Challange bots should not fire (or Ram) at all -- Paul Evans

How should the indexes be combined? -- PEZ

For the time being just the average index? You suggested to weigh the indices ... any ideas how? -- Vic

SandboxDT 1.91 is released - it can behave as a normal, reference or challenge bot - just change the behavior value in the properties file in the data directory. -- Paul Evans

how to weigh the indices? proposals:

don't take it serious, I just had nothing to do for some minutes -- rozu

No ramming? And I was looking forward to ram DT. =) About combining the indices I think it will be hard to find the right balance so a plain average will do. At least until we find it insufficient.-- PEZ

ramming DT must be a feeling like let him kiss your feet... I can imagine, the new GlowBlowAPM will be a ramming bot too. all right I am agreeing with a simple average, was my first proposal anyway ;) -- rozu

Great! thanx Paul! Simple average gets my vote. Maybe later on when we have some results we could reconsider if necessary -- Vic

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