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The Underdark is the mythical place beneath the surface of Faerun, and is home to the Drow
I'm in high school, and find robocode to be a fun way to expand my ability to problem solve, and also gives me a way to learn Java.
This wiki is the best reference in the world.
Bots Made:

You might have to make a working Robot-compatible GF gun before you can beat Girl ;-) Also, I might make it harder soon, as I have to release my version that beats Krazy again. Silly Alcatraz and beating Girl without telling me about it... Note that he did it with my gun, of course :-p -- Kawigi

What happened to UnderDark2?? :-) -- Jokester

UnderDark & UnderDark2? were in my Robotics's team internal Robocode comp (Which is what introduced me to Robocode). UnderDark was my first robot ever, and it stank! UnderDark2? used LinearTargeting and PerpendicularMovement, and won! UnderDark2? evolved into UnderDark3, and thus: was not released into the clear. BTW: The competition rules were: "Extends Robot only, on a 1000x1000x10"

If you're still around here at all, are you [this person]? --wcsv

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