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Firebird is based off of the Phoenix code, but uses DynamicClustering guns for both WaveSurfing and firing at the enemy. All other code is the same. Even the WaveSurfing class is the same, it just has a different value for the "enemy gun" variable. Coming soon to a rumble near you! --David Alves

Found out something interesting while testing... Firebird spends about a third the time of Phoenix in the movement method (~1150 vs ~3400 ms per round on my laptop), but spends almost ten times as long in the aiming method (~650 vs. ~65 ms per round on my laptop). Need to investigate why that's the case, I would expect it to be uniformly slower or faster... And yes, that does mean that Firebird is significantly faster overall. At least, it is until it turns on its flattener... --David Alves

Neat! Perhaps the movement / timing discrepancy is because a VisitCountStats system will access and sum all your buffers no matter how much data you actually have, while a DynamicClustering system crunches far fewer numbers if you only have a few pieces of data. And if it dodges bullets anywhere near as well as Phoenix, it probably doesn't have too many to deal with. =) Now to rederive the Lukious movement and we'll have a fully-DC-bot party going on in the top 10! -- Voidious

Awww ... I want to party, too :( -- Simonton

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