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CSS is fun!

Yet Another Little Test
  • 1.8 rating 1985
  • 1.71 rating 1965
    • Many tiny tweaks.
  • 1.701 rating 1963
    • Predicted location is now much more exact. Surfs all waves. Movement should be less jittery.
  • 1.641 & 1.64 rating 1930 (for both)
    • Identical except that one of them surfs all waves and the other surfs only the closest wave.
  • 1.632 rating 1900
    • Fixed an off-by-one error in bullet impact time calculations, now holds the record vs. Bot A in the WaveSurfingChallenge
    • Segmenting surf stats on different things.
    • Movement predictor now takes into account the "sharper turns" code.
  • 1.62 rating 1952
    • Different wave weighting
    • Fixed a nasty bug in near-wall behavior. Hopefully this will pass up 1.4
  • 1.53 rating 1916
    • Enabled flattener
    • Changed gun segmentation
  • 1.52 rating 1926
    • Regained 23 points.
  • 1.5 rating: 1903
    • Changed the way that waves in the air are weighted, now uses WallSmoothing on every wall
  • 1.4 rating: 1943
    • Fixed a bug where wave impact time was incorrectly calculated
    • Now surfs multiple waves
  • 1.3 rating: 1913


No flattener -> kicks the crap out of HOTs but doesn't work so well vs. most other bots. By the way, I just did the math... Do you think 196,000 segments is too many? ;-) --David Alves

Wow! But you don't need a flattener really. It just gives some 10 points or so I think. -- PEZ

@PEZ: Just to be clear, when you say flattener you do not mean old school statistical flattening, in addition to all the flattening that is going on with surfing do you? -- jim

What I mean by "flattener" is recording what guess factor you're at when a wave reaches you, even if you don't get hit by a bullet. The idea is to create a flat profile without relying on getting hit to do it. I think this is what PEZ means too. --David Alves

Exactly. If I switch off all detection on when I'm hit by a bullet and only leave this flattener a movement that is flatter than flat juice with flat juice on top is the result. -- PEZ

Uh... you put juice on top of juice? --David Alves

Help me solve The Fushi Mystery --David Alves

I finally wrote my first SlowBot...

Round 1 of 100
SYSTEM: davidalves.net.YALT 1.82dev wins the round.
1010 INFO: --- Round ended ---
1010 INFO: Damage inflicted by known waves:   0.0  average per round: 0.0
1010 INFO: Damage inflicted by unknown waves: 0.0  average per round: 0.0
1010 INFO: Turns skipped: 186  average per round: 186.0

The 1010 at the beginning of each line is the time... so it skipped 18.4% of all turns. Oops. --David Alves

Time to remove this bot from the RR@H table? I don't know if you can follow the rankings yyet, but with 411 battles Phoenix is now at 2026 points! -- PEZ

Yeah I'll remove it. YALT may reappear in the future if I test something else. :-) --David Alves

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