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Wave Suffering

No pain, no gain!

What is

WaveSuffering is how i call my own implementation of WaveSurfing.
WaveSurfing is one of the most effective moving techniques in Robocode, specially powerfull against simple targeters. The general idea is to keep in track the enemy bullets, and try to avoid the "areas of hight risk".
A bot when firing, produce Waves, just like drops in the water. In WaveSurfing your bot will try to surf the incoming waves just like any surfer, trying to avoid the peaks (hight risk areas) in order to stay scott-free.


Well, there are lots of reasons to call it WaveSuffering... And one is that u have to dominate first some concepts and techniques:

SilverSurfers WaveSuffering


Haha, I've been WaveSuffering for quite sometime, and just finally released one of my attempts at it. Cyanide is the best I've done so far. It doesn't seem like SilverSurfer is suffering so much anymore... -- Alcatraz

I don't get it... did this start out as a typo? Are you suffering because you're having a hard time writing the movement? Are you going to make your opponents suffer because they won't be able to hit you? Enquiring minds want to know! Help us, Axe! --David Alves

You haven't read about SilverSurfer, have you David? =) -- PEZ

I read the whole page... the only place that I see WaveSuffering is mentioned is a link to this page. Enquiring minds still want to know! :-P --David Alves

Sorry David, you are entirely right... Ive been far from RC some weeks and returned yesterday, but u have my promisses that in the next days ill fill this page. Afterall, knowledge is to be shared! -- Axe

I meant the Marvel stories about Silversurfer. It didn't start as a typo anyway. =) -- PEZ

@PEZ Is there something about "Wave Suffering" in the Marvel Stories? @Axe You don't need to share your super-secret movement algorithms, I just want to know what the name means :-p --David Alves

My algos arent super-secret at all, all my codes are open-source (messy, i know, but open-source)! As a matter of fact, i enjoy to share the knowledge, that's the RoboWiki spirit... This page was created by me some monthes ago, and the least that i can do is fill it. My excuses again for my procrastination... About the name, i came with it for a few reasons:

I have now hijacked this term to also cover my CassiusClay/Butterfly movement. =) -- PEZ

Finally started that description, that might take some days to finish, my idea is to be the more didactic as possible... -- Axe

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