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A technique used by I think all expert wave surfers. Using Robocode physics to precisely predict your bots position when the surfed wave hits gives you the richest information possible. Then it's up to the descision mechanism to move accordingly. Look at the pages FuturePosition and Apollon for ways to implement this. Also try PPP and check its source code for an implementation of the Apollon published code. PPP also has RobocodeGLV014 debug output code which might make it easier to experiment with this. -- PEZ

Bots using:

Comments anyone?

You are right about Shadow, PEZ. In it's first WaveSurfing versions (2.31) it didn't acount for wallSmoothing, though. -- ABC

Added a few bots, but I'm sure plenty are still missing. I'm just guessing about Ascendant... hehe. =) -- Voidious

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