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developement stage 1:

firing waves:


After thorough testing of the properties of this gun I realise that in this stage it's not yet competitive gun against the state-of-the-art guns. You'll find that it loses to the top bots. It's about equally effective as normal PatternMatching guns. (So not bad...)

good things: - it learns very fast.. in early rounds of a match (no saved data) it beats most other top statistical guns. I hope i can retain this property when adding MultipleChoice in /Stage2?. - its performance is very fast (maybe it could be on the list FastBots?;-). - it punishes the enemy if its movement is not flat in short timeframes.

bad things: - it learnes slower than top stat guns in later rounds, because it is lossy in the lower segments. - it still uses a lot of memory, although it is now capable of running 1000 rounds without crashing my system :-). - it cannot punish the enemy if its long term movement profile is flawed (not flat), but its short term movement profile is flat.

About its ability to find non-flat movement in short time frames. Only in certain conditions I think. Since otherwise it would have spotted the weakness of the Tityus 0.2-0.3 movement. You should probably keep that version of the movement just for testing purposes. I know I will. =)

When it comes to finding weaknesses in the long term profile. If it's really there you should be able to zoom out, shouldn't you? Maybe if you could use a virtual guns type of approach with different zoom levels? I don't really understand the theory behind zoom targeting so I might be way off here.

Can't you post your TargetingChallenge results with ZoomTargeting and your pattern matcher for reference? Especially the latter one would be interesting to keep there since it is one of the guns in the MovementChallenge.


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