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Revision 2 . . August 20, 2003 19:44 EST by Vic Stewart
Revision 1 . . August 20, 2003 11:46 EST by Vic Stewart

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* yes .. that is strange .. it sometimes gets the weakness, but not nearly as good as DT does .. I think that it is because Tityus moves between segments too quickly. I'll have to think how (and if) i should solve this -- Vic

Added: 39a42,43
* Currently the MacroSegments? don't yet have statistical properties, so they are much less accurate then the MicroSegments. The virtual gun type approach is in fact also part of the design. Each segment will have a hit ratio and when aiming I will choose the segment with the highest hit rate. In the next stage I will implement this. -- Vic

Added: 44a49,50
* I already posted the results for Mazer, which has the ZoomTargeting gun WITH MultipleChoice stats in the MacroSegments?. I'll post results for PatternMatcherBot also. --Vic

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