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A lot of changes have taken place with me (Darrel). One is that I have found architecture as a much more enjoyable feild for me. Another is that we got some new computers and the one that atomatically logged me in on here is no longer in use(thus, the lack of a user name). The Tool that I'm using for architecture is Sketchup, a 3D modeling program created by Google. The project that I mentioned in the last post(a very long time ago) was never started, instead my older brother(not the programmer) showed me sketchup and the project was quickly forgoten. Curently my older brother (this time the programer) is doing a proggraming internship at Boing, the other brother is going to Indiana this summer for a several-week piano-camp kind of thing that only the top 20 piano students entering(from across the nation)get to enter. I'll every so often check here to see if you're trying to contact me, otherwise... Goodby.

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