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Hello, I'm a begginer. Well, I do have a little experience in C#, but barely any in java.

Welcome to the wiki! Don't worry about being a beginner at java, Robocode is a great way to motivate yourself to learn more about it(at least for me anyway). --wcsv

Welcome, It is indeed a fun way to learn java. But be carefull it can be very addictive ;-). -- Florent

Welcome, just take your time to follow the discussions and read backgroundinfo. Don't be intimidated by the topbots, everybody has started once with a derivate of a samplebot. -- GrubbmGait

Thanks for the welcome. I actually started programming with java but quickly switched over to C# because it is VERY similar, just a bit more powerfull. I would realy enjoy it if somehow you could get all the cool stuff from VisualStudio? into the robocode compiler (stuff like intelisense, more descriptive compiler errors, etc.) it would really make me do a lot more robocode. The reason that I'm doing programming at all is because I have an Extreme programming geek as a older brother.

Though I work in a C# development shop, I'd be careful to color it as 'more powerful' :). If you're looking for a better IDE, you might want to check Eclipse and Eclipse/Setup. It's free and has a million great features like intellisense and jump-to compiler errors. With the right plug-in, it even compiles C#. Welcome to the wiki! --Corbos

Thanks! I'm downloading Eclipse right now. By the way, I'm trying to upload my three bots that I've made so that you can take a look at them. Would anyone care to explane how to do that?

Check out the RobocodeRepository, they let you post and upload tanks there. Welcome to the wiki! -- Voidious

OK, I found a way to show you the source codes DB's Robots.

(Edit Conflict) ... Well, to post information about your bot, you can use the TemplateForBotPages, and make a page for your bot... just go the URL like YourBotName?, and "Edit" that page, and it will be created. Then you can link to that from the Bots pages, like Bots/A. However, none of that includes the actual file that contains your bot - you have to use your own web space or the RobocodeRepository for that. -- Voidious

Thank you for the suggestion but I prefer for right now to just have a temporary link to DB's Robots. Please check them out and give me some suggestions. I'll put them in the robots section Hi? Xhehdy Die Rebot

Welcome, DB. I have a few suggestions for you.

1. I would suggest following the usual pattern here of putting robot descriptions and discussion in pages with the robot's name - like I do with Strength. Then you can put the code in a page like RobotName/Code?. This makes it easier for others to find your robots' pages. 2. I would suggest using someone else's code to create a radar lock - it's fairly standard code anyway. That way, you can focus on movement and targeting. 3. For targeting, I would turn the gun using turnGunRight? or turnGunLeft? rather than the robot using turnLeft or turnRight. 4. I would extend AdvancedRobot with robots rather than Robot - this will give you much more flexibility. 5. Use some simple targeting pages for ideas for better targeting to get started, like HeadOnTargeting.

Good luck!

-- Greywhind

This may be suprising but I just figgured out how to make my robots do multiple things at once. I am now ditching all thoughts of improving all my past 4 robots, I'm starting over! Thanks Kev for the info. --DB

While making a new robot I got frusterated that the second time I would call setTurnGunRight(e.getBearing()); the gun went some random direction. But I fixed that problem by making a few new getBearing methoods you can check them out and use them here

Please note that the setxxx commands are NOT a stack, just single values for each component (tank, turret, radar). If you do a second setxxx command, the first one is overwritten and only the second is executed after you finished your turn. You probably already found the pages, but you can check out GamePhysics and BeginnersFAQ to understand how the game reacts on your commands. PS: if you put some code on the wiki, use the <pre> and </pre> tags, it makes it better readable. -- GrubbmGait

When was consciousness check thing put in for editing pages? It is certainly a very good idea!...especialy after May 19(check the changes page).

I took a look at the Project Ant Hill by Jabe2022, and it gave me an idea for another teams project. If I make it there would be the leader which would have a few bodyguards around it and the rest would be on the offensive side. When a robot dies the remaining robots would switch jobs accordingly to keep a specified balance(eg. if the balance is 40% bodyguards 10% leaders and 50% attackers and the leader died, then someone would take its place)

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