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It's currently #64 on the RoboRumble@Home current standings (it just dropped 10 positions in the last 8 hours!)
It's currently #61 on the RoboRumble@Home end-of-october standings.

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* A lot of people render complex fractals using an HSB-Transition sort of color schemes. Maybe you should have it like bright red, yellow and green (the first three major colors in the HSB cycle). If you don't know what I mean, look at my complex fractal generator at http://students.cs.byu.edu/~kawigi/showapplet.cgi?Complex+Fractal+Generator and select the "HSB Fast" color scheme and hit "Redraw". It's generated with the maximum Saturation and Brightness, and the hue based on the iterations to escape (black if they don't escape). And that may not make sense to people. Oh, well.
** This is an interesting idea. However, I was looking for a more obscure color scheme; mainly a body color that stands out. I am most definitely interesting in creating some contrast though; I'll see what I can do. Nice applet by the way :D -- Vuen

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Currently on hold while I complete the beta CoopRobot project. After that, its TopSecret? AutomatedSegmentation gun.
Currently working on its TopSecret? AutomatedSegmentation gun.

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