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-Currently at Version 0.7

-Basically, this bot uses antiGrav movement and circular/linear targeting.

-It doesn't have anything fancy like Wave or others. I haven't gotten the time to figure them out, or i was so horribly confused by it all that I ran away.

-It is listed as http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2082
"It's small, furry and likes to destroy things" -Hyrax

Hyrax uses an antiGrav movement system, with a gravPoint on all surviving bots, one in the middle, and one in each corner. The corner/middle grav points have a changing "repulsion/attraction" level. However the repulsion force for the bots are all the same. This creats a very varied, random movement.
This bot can beat all sample bots, and most newbie bots. However it usually does better in 1v1 than melee.
Any suggestions will be appreciated, and can be sent to overlord@mail.com

>Bot was created with an unbelievable large number of bugs

v0.2-0.5-->Bugs fixed, circular aiming added to linear

>Fiddled with antiGrav system, victory dance added

>New "Status" outputs , and Custom Colors!

Comming Up:

-Better 1v1 Movement

-More Accurate Aiming (Additional Aiming Choices. Currently uses circular and linear.
Oscillatory and movement pattern matching are forthcomming)
-Bullet Dodging


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