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My name is Brian Norman,

I found Robocode in April of 2005, and have not gotten off the computer since :). I have no pre Robocode programming experience, so Iím not very familiar with all the classes and methods of Java.
My name is Brian, I am a now 19 year old PSEO collage student who sends all his free time on his laptop programing robots!

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Personal Info:
* Nationality, American
* Birthday, Feb-24-1989
* Email and MSN IM, robotikdude@hotmail.com
I was introduced to Robocode sometime in February of '04 when my father sent me a link to download it. Well, I played with it for about two months and then got bored after being to confused, it being my first programing experience and all. I returned to it in April of '05 for reasons that I have since forgotten, but the addiction hasn't left since then. Which is a shame... because sometimes I really should be doing my homework...

If you want to talk Robocode through other means then this wiki, my gtalk account is: robotikdude gmail com

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*NightFox? - A Melee movement test bot.
*Toa - A pre Gladiator remake bot.
My Teams:
*DeltaSquad? - A four bot team.
*OmegaSquad? - A pre DeltaSquad? remake team.

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