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Revision 5 . . (edit) October 28, 2006 7:24 EST by Chase-san
Revision 4 . . (edit) October 27, 2006 19:25 EST by svr2.pace.k12.mi.us
Revision 2 . . October 27, 2006 17:50 EST by GrubbmGait [mirroring lousy movements]

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Changed: 11c11
You can get it at http://jad.tfsnewworld.com/bots/chasesan.MirrorMaster_0.0.2.jar
You can get it at http://jad.tfsnewworld.com/bots/chase.MirrorMaster_0.0.3.jar

Added: 85a86,87

True, but remember that its "MirrorMaster", e.g. it mirrors the enemy to a large degree. I still need to fix the wall smoothing (now that I know how to fix it) so a variation in the smoothing may produce a bit of difference. I plan to drop in a copy of my new gun into it once said gun is done (it uses virtual bullets, GF and such). Part of my Gigabot(like a Megabot but alot huger :P) Tyrra. -- Chase-san

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