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National Robocode Programming Competition


I was searching Google for "robocode competition" and found this. It's a college competition with some nice prizes. This year's competition was held last week but it could be interesting for anyone here who'll be in college next year. Anyone know any more competitions like this? Maybe we could start a list somewhere.


it's interesting to know that there are other robocoders out there that aren't part of the wiki community. we should do some work to get them here. --andrew

Yeah, I'd love to see some more outside bots join the rumble here, wouldn't it be amazing if all the while we were chasing DT there was another bot out there that could've beaten it? Unlikely, but it's a neat idea. -- Alcatraz

From the rules page:
"Robocode tanks, are "not" allowed to extend the AdvancedRobot class."

Interesting... I think we've all agreed recently that Robots are very difficult to code... I wonder if the bots are open source... (*goes to look*)
-- Tango

The #2 entry from the competition is in the repository:


and I also entered it into the rumble the other day:


Rating of 1250, but it's a Robot so I guess it's not to bad. Uses stop-go and kinda crazy iterative linear targeting. I can probably get in touch with the winners and find out about their bot, as one of my lecturers is part of the organizing body. -- Jamougha

why in the world would you not be allowed to extend advanced robot? my view on it is that advanced robot tests programming / advanced stuff more. and extends robot tests strategy more,like walls and stop-go. --andrew

I think that most people who get even semi-hooked on Robocode will let Google find them some Robocode information and that will immediately bring to attention that 99.9% of all current expert information is here. At least the information in english.

Constraints drive the development speed of things I guess. But the constraints of Robot are just weird. Why bother with it at all I wonder... -- PEZ

I'd say limiting someone to robots is very similar to limiting codesize, except less interesting. I would very much like to test the winner... -- Tango

When I was talking some people who were loosely involved they said the Robot restriction was to stop plagiarism. There are no amazing open-source robots (yet, give Alc and Dave a few days ;-) ) and they didn't want someone grabbing a high-ranked open source bot and repackaging it. -- Jamougha

Except uninteresting I would say. =) They should have made open source mandatory instead. A code review could tell if the source was from RaikoMX. =)-- PEZ

They have to give documentation. If they can document RaikoMX they should be able to write their own bot fairly easily (not to the same standard, but that's not required to win something like that). I've just run some tests against the #2, and it's extremely easy to beat. I need to write a robot to test it fairly though... -- Tango

Something like that? You could very well be facing Jamougha in such a competition. -- PEZ

If that bot came 2nd, anything by someone who can understand RaikoMX can win it... -- Tango

Wasn't the requirement that the bots where extending Robot? I certainly can't understand RaikoMX so I probably does not count anyway. Maybe you are right. -- PEZ

I haven't even tried to understand RaikoMX. ;-) My point was that they don't need to restrict it to robots in order to stop cheating, because in order to cheat you need to be a good enough coder to have won yourself anyway. -- Tango

PEZ, you were saying people we find this site by google if they are interested enough, but I just checked, and the wiki isn't on the first page of google results for "robocode"... -- Tango

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