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Revision 14 . . September 16, 2005 22:56 EST by PEZ [Copied change from vps host]
Revision 13 . . May 24, 2005 2:34 EST by adsl-69-105-112-138.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net

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Rammers are killing me, my PBI for NanoDeath with FloatingTadpole is -22.1 !!! --Florent

That is the point of rammers, it is hard to do well against them. Lucky for you there are only a few rammers around, see RamBots --GrubbmGait

I have already seen it, when I will some more time for robocode I will try to come up with an anti-ramming movement that would trigger only with rammers. --Florent

Somehow, I have a different opinion of rammers--especially when my robot is "disabled" (usually with <= .2 energy left). Shera doesn't do well nor does Cigaret, although Cigaret learns not to ram. -- Kinsen

I have removed almost all specific anti-ram code in GrubbmGrb a few months ago, it just got me confused and did not deliver extra points. It's normal movement is quite satisfactory against pure rammers. I think that if you can handle close fighters, you should be able to handle rammers too without extra effort. --GrubbmGait

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