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Two examples from Dookious (both before the full rewrite):
* Until 0.945, Dooki's WaveSurfing surfed waves until they passed his rear edge, but my Wave detection was off by 1 tick (though they lined up visually in graphical debugging). A bug in a new bot-width calculation (in 0.93) ended up calculating the bot width as almost 0 a lot of the time, which, I think, roughly compensated for the waves being off by 1 tick, and the rating went up. In the end, I fixed the off-by-1, fixed the bot-width calculation, and made the movement surf a wave until it was passed the center instead of the rear edge.
* Dookious 1.16 broke the 2100 barrier. At the time, I thought it was primarily because of the precise GF1/-1 calculations, which I do still think was a factor (as TC2K6 score went up a full point). During the full rewrite, I realized that a certain special case in my movement actually decreased performance; I then realized that special case was broken in the old code somewhere along the way; after checking, my suspicions were confirmed that the precise GF1 calculation is what had broken that. I'm pretty sure that was also a factor in the 8 point jump past 2100.

-- Voidious

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