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Revision 3 . . July 29, 2003 12:08 EST by Simonech
Revision 2 . . July 29, 2003 11:30 EST by Simonech

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Changed: 2c2

It's my first robot... first it was developed to test Robocode API and learn how to use them, but then it evolved in a multi-strategy bot even if it performs muche better in melee than in 1-vs-1

Changed: 6c6

Now it's not very competitive, but when it was developed I arrived 8th in the intermediate level at IBM Rumble.

Changed: 20c20

Since it was intended to be just a test Bot I named it like me... I now it's not a very "creative" name... my next bot will be Piyo

Changed: 22c22

Sure you can use it... it's quite well documented and if you run JavaDoc? on it you will have also the API docs with description of methods.

Changed: 24c24,25

*The next thing I'll develop will be the BotOptimizer so that I can try and see if tuning the parameters is better then rewrite algoritms.
*Then I'll try to implement a PatternMatching routine

Changed: 28c29

It's mainly a bot designed on its own, even if it takes something from SnippetBot and piece of code from the devworks articles released around Rumble time

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