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I'm a 12th grade student in South Africa.
I'm a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student in South Africa.

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Favorite gun: Pattern Matcher

Why: Because it is 'pure', and doesn't use any of this 'fuzzy logic'. :-) I just don't trust stats. I might go the way of TronsGun

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-Waylander is 15th and Decado is 3rd in the MicroRumble?

When: I started Robocodeing in June 2007.

My Bots Names:
They are named after characters in books by David Gemmel.

Waylander (Micro): an assassin who uses a small double barreled crossbow.
-DrussGT is at no. 1 in the main rumble
-Cunobelin is at 3 in the MiniRumble?
-Toorkild is no. 1 in the MicroRumble?

Changed: 19c10
This bot is a 'pure' pattern matcher, and as stock gets 99% in the PMC. I threw in the movement of RaikoNano, and Waylander was born.
See the new wiki for more info.

Removed: 21,27d11
Decado (Micro): a swordsman who joined a militant temple of 30 other warrior priests.

Decado was the evolution of Waylander. I had the idea that perhaps looking for seperate patterns in the velocity and angular velocity would make it learn faster, but there was an unexpected side effect: when there are no patterns in the angular velocity (eg. perpendicular movement) it still finds patterns in the movement. I had discovered the ultimate wavesurfer killer. After adding the MusashiTrick it was way over codesize, so I went about shrinking, and before I knew it I was 15 bytes below the limit. So I added in a 'favorite' distance of 500 pixels, which resulted in 3rd place in the MicroRumble?. I may try a stop-and-go movement (inspired by Thorn), but that is not the priority as I will now be working on a minibot.

Druss (Mega): (AKA Druss The Legend) an axeman who, at the age of 50 managed to turn the tide of battle singlehandedly. Has an ancient axe named Snaga.

My first attempts at GF targeting. Something is very wrong with GF conversion into bins and back, but when I get that sorted it may just have a few tricks up its sleeves...especially for WaveSurfers...muahahaha

Added: 69a54,55

Go ahead and post it! There's plenty of rumble power, it might just take a while. If there's problems on 1.5.x on Mac I'm sure Fnl would be interested to know =). How about 1.6? It seems we already uncovered one bug, being able to print to the console from the bot constructor thread in the rumble. -- Skilgannon

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