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Welcome to the TargetingChallenge. It's an attempt at measuring pure gun performance. The rules are simple.

# The Challenger must remain stationary all the time
# The Challenger must try to fire power 3 bullets when it can
## Which means no energy management whatsoever
## Clarification: Challenger is only allowed to feed the fire() method(s) the constant 3. This often results in at least one bullet per round fired with energy lower than 3 though.
# There are 10 /ReferenceBots?, none of which fires, few of which does any ramming
# The Challenger meet each reference bot in battle over 500 rounds (100 rounds for the short? TC version)
# The Challenger's score against each reference bot is calculated like "challenger_bullet_damage / rounds"
## Average the scores against each reference bot to get the total score

Please post your bots' results on the /Results? page (or /ResultsShort?) for the short TC version. If you find it tedious and error prone to calculate the scores manually, use the /Calculator?.

Results chatting is best carried out on the /ResultsChat? page. =)

If you're curious about how we arrived at this rule set, please read the /Constitution?.

I am surpised to see there is no WaveSurfer Targeting Challenge! I noticed some of the current WaveSurfers have a property-file in which you can specify 'movement only'. Should be easy to set up. So how about it? --Loki

Yep! We've been touching the subject before. There's a TargetingChallenge2K4 page actually. But we need to get going soon I guess or it will be more like 2K5. =) -- PEZ

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