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Revision 2 . . October 13, 2007 4:32 EST by GrubbmGait [congrats Kawigi, and GrauwuarG secret (sssshh)]
Revision 1 . . October 12, 2007 0:50 EST by Voidious [TwinDuel results - MarioBros still dominating :)]

Difference (from prior major revision) (no other diffs)

Added: 253a254,255

This version of GrauwuarG is already a few months old, but I never got around to sent it. I hoped for rank 5, in that case there was a chance to get into round 3 (semifinal), but it looks like the movement is to weak to really make a jump forward. Well, new round, new chances. And I must squeeze 13 bytes, as this 0.4 version does not fit the codesize requirement. (Shame on me, I did not check it) -- GrubbmGait

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