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I know we have listed impressive bots elsewhere. But some bots are classic and showed their skills so early that I call them "the ancients". This is just from the top of my head, please help grow the list. -- PEZ

It's certainly one of the most important bots in Robocode history, but is it old enough to be an ancient? It's more of a modern legend, I would say... -- Tango
It has always been around, and almost always on the throne, as long as I have been Robocoding. Which feels like an eternity in itself. -- PEZ
True, it's been there since I started... and I guess that applies to most people here... OK, it's an ancient. Well done Paul!! -- Tango
Maybe if you call it Sandbox in general that'd be more appropriate. Lump has been around since the Rumble. -- Kuuran
Lump has it's own place on the list, near the top. I'd let it be there twice, if I were you, I doubt there is much code the same any more. -- Tango
Ahhh! Don't remind me of the Rumble. I want to rewind time so that I would have heard of Robocode in time. -- PEZ
I found out about Robocode a few weeks after the deadline to submit bots in the Rumble. :-( --David Alves

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