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Anti Pattern Matcher Challenge

A part of the MovementChallenge. This is the setup: Additionally:
  1. Challenger is not allowed to fire any bullets at all
  2. The ratio "Challenger score / PatternMatcherBot score" * 100 is the Challengers /APMCIndex

Also see

/APMCIndex - /ChallengerChat
Since the current PatternMatcherBot is slow I suggest running only 100 rounds. This or use some other good PatternMatching gun that runs faster. -- PEZ

500 should not be a problem. this doesn't mean that you have to test your bots always with 500 rounds. btw I think it isn't meant to run 100 500-round-battles and then post his/her best result... (I might have years to do this) :) -- rozu

OK. But I'm the impatient type. It takes more than 3 hours for me to run 500 rounds as it is. But it's doable anyways and Vic might find ways to improve the speed. -- PEZ

wow 3 hours, I just wanted to write the time I need (15 minutes) because I thought no one can top this, in this case wee should reduce it to at least 200 as Kawigi proposed -- rozu

15 minutes! I must buy a new computer. However I think that the two challenges should be run with about the same conditions and since Paul Evans wants 1000 rounds in the CurveFlatteningChallenge I would suggest 500 in both as a compromise. (DT is also a slow bot). -- PEZ

But DT isn't as slow as many. I would rather do 1000 rounds against DT 1.91 in index mode than 500 against PatternMatcherBot :-p -- Kawigi

'oh ye of little patience!' .. I'll do something about the performance of PatternMatcherBot -- Vic

PEZ, i've sent you a new version of PMBot that has a much better performance. Also it incorporates your suggestions on 1.3 compatibility. If you're ok with it i'll make it a public release 1.3 -- Vic

I find it rather impossible to find Ender to download to do this test. Are there any other PMBots that are downloadable that would be accurate for this? -- Goofy

I think that FunkyChicken would be a good choice, think that is a very "strait" PM (right Kawigi?). But probably someone else can upload it and post a link here (For the challenge purpose it would be better Ender)... -- Axe

We could try LeachPMC I guess. It will certainly not move around. =) -- PEZ

It seems that the search functions on the RobocodeRepository are broken. Nevertheless PatternMatcherBot is still available there: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=1568 --Vic

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