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A component of the MovementChallenge2K6:

The AntiPatternMatcherChallenge2K6 gives you a way to measure your bot's ability to avoid getting hit by a PatternMatcher gun, a gun that is very good against predictable movement patterns.


You can use the MovementChallenge calculator for the calculations. Just upload the Roboleage results file to it: http://robowiki.net/cgi-bin/MCCalc


Bot Name Author Type Overall Score Remarks
LifelongObsession APMCSimonton APM76.86 1 season using an "anti-Che" movement :)
Drifter 13 Tim FodenSS 40.20 3 seasons
CassiusClay 2eta* PEZ WS 39.96 1 season (i'll run a few more soon)
Drifter 11 Tim FodenSS 36.29 1 season
WeeksOnEnd 1.2MC Simonton WS 32.87 Huh. I wonder why it's so good?
Freya 0.80 Loki MR 30.90
Dookious 0.851 Voidious WS 30.62
GrubbmGrb 1.2.1* GrubbmGait MM 27.77 5 seasons
Ugluk 0.15.7MC Martin MM 21.49
DrussGT Skilgannon WS 20.542 lower rolling depths for surfing
Chalk<dev> Corbos WS 20.288
Velshea 1.0.0 Chase-sanWS 18.886 better then my guess of 14%
Matchup 1.0 Stelokim RM 16.602
Strength 0.6dev GreywhindWS 14.36
Capriite 3.7.2 Damij RM 5.67
Krabby21.9g Krabb WS 4.74

Movement types:

 S&G: StopAndGo
  WS: WaveSurfing
  SS: Shrapnel Surfing
  RM: RandomMovement
  MM: MultiMode
  MR: Minimum Risk
 OSC: Oscillators
 APM: AntiPatternMatching


WHOA! Amazing score Simonton! --Chase-san

Hmm. I found a bug in the previous version. Just updated the score. -- Simonton

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