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Welcome to the MovementChallenge2K6. It's an attempt at measuring the quality of your movement in 2006 :). The rules are simple.

Please post your bots' results on the /Results page.

Results chatting is best carried out on the /ResultsChat page.

If you're curious about how we arrived at the ruleset, the subchallenges and the reference bots, check out the /PreChat page for the discussion.


  1. Download the reference bots and RoboLeague template XML: http://www.dijitari.com/void/robocode/mc2k6_reference_bots.zip
  2. Load the template XML in RoboLeague, add your challenger and set it to focused competitor
  3. Run
  4. Upload the result XML to the MCCalc script: http://robowiki.net/cgi-bin/MCCalc
    1. Make sure to check the "Format for MC2K6" option
  5. Copy the MC2K6 results wiki text to the /Results table

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