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Venice 1979

I am the author of the Furia_Ceca Robot ! It's my first robot and the name is a tribute to the famous midlefield Pavel Nedved from Juventus F.C. also known as Furia Ceca!

The 0.22 version wins the JUG-Padua Contest in 19-november-2003 !

Coming soon for other news !

Benvenuto sul RoboWiki!!!! Finalmente un'altro italiano che non pensa solo a lavorare :-)
(For not italian people: Welcome to RoboWiki!!!! Finally another Italian not just focused on working :-) )-- Simonech
Welcome. At least u didn't called it Paolo Rossi (Brazil's nemesis in '82) :-) -- Axe
Thank's! in '82 I had only 3 years !!! But If you want I can called it ! :>) -- Caimano

Welcome to the Robowiki! -- Vuen

If it's up to me to decide, i would prefer that u call it "Baggio". I'm pretty sure u remember this one... ;-) -- Axe

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