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Let's see if we can review the past Robocode year.

Of course, this was the year the RoboWiki was born. -- PEZ

I think the really big event was ABC stealing two of Paul's crowns. Melee and Teams. -- PEZ

Paul reinvented AdaptiveMovement. -- PEZ

The RoboRumble was started. -- Tango

The EternalRumble was discontinued. =( -- PEZ

The MinibotChallenge? was discontinued. -- Tango

Face2Face ceased.

The Robocode Outpost league started but was later discontinued.

The RobocodeLittleLeague started.

Was RobocodeGLV014 born in 2003?

SymbolicPatternMatching appeared with NanoLauLectrik.

-- Albert

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