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My name is DemetriX and I come from Russia. Date of my birth is 1979-01-28.

2005-10-5 is the first time, when I saw Robocode and Java. And I start own project immediately.

The name of my first project was "OriginiX", i.e. origin.
I built following versions of "OriginiX":
0.1, 0.11, 0.15 - extends class Robot;
0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.42, 0.43, 0.5, 0.52, 0.6 - extends class AdvancedRobot.

The project "ForceMajeure" just renamed "OriginiX" project with saving versions number.
And from today, 2005-10-30, my "ForceMajeure" v0.64 competes in RoboRumble@Home.

Yesterday, 2005-11-23, I created new bot at nano category - "Neutrino" v0.1.
I hope, that it will become better in future, with my help of course :-)

P.S. Sorry for my English.

My Robots:

Achievements of last versions (full achievements see on bots' pages)
 One-on-one battles
 Date  Ranking  Bot  Version  Codesize  Rating  # battles 
 Category - General (any codesize)
 2006-07-22  67 of 427  demetrix.ForceMajeure  0.75  5986  1791.59  1234 
 2006-07-9  74 of 426  demetrix.ForceMajeureRRGC  0.695  3419  1781.67  1250 
 2006-08-14  89 of 434  demetrix.SpitfireRRGC  0.15  3179  1752.35  1209 
 2006-01-18  208 of 406  demetrix.nano.Neutrino  0.27  245  1593.91  2838 
 2006-05-10  192 of 419  demetrix.nano.SledgeHammer  0.22  245  1622.38  1716 
 Category - Nano (codesize < 250)
 2006-02-6  39 of 65  demetrix.nano.Neutrino  0.27  245  1628.99  1462 
 2006-08-6  24 of 66  demetrix.nano.SledgeHammer  0.22  245  1688.84  1412 

Welcome to the wiki! Quite a nice first entrance. It seems I can add another ProblemBot to my list,
as you defeat all my bots except my rambot :-( -- GrubbmGait

Thanks for your welcome! But why anybody doesn't install Russian flag for packages "demetrix" and "serenity". -- DemetriX

It usually takes Pulsar a few days to set up flags. He and PEZ are not paid to run the rumble and wiki so I'm sure your patience is appreciated. Welcome to the wiki! -- Corbos

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the explanation Corbos -- Pulsar

Thanks a lot for flags for me and serenity -- DemetriX

WOW! Nanobot Neutrino v0.2 rises up nearly 100 rankings at General category relatively to v0.1. I'm really glad.
P.S. I'm sorry for my immodesty, but I can't hide my gladness. -- DemetriX

Nothing to be sorry for, it is a very good ranking for a nano. -- GrubbmGait

SledgeHammer is a very solid nano-rammer, it took me 7 versions before I could match NanoDeath with a micro. You did it in 2 versions with a nano! -- GrubbmGait

Thanks for very good words... But I have been become sad just now. I thought, that I invented something new at ram movement for a nano. And just now I have been seen NanoDeath - SledgeHammer is very similar to NanoDeath, even by ranking. It's a pity, but SledgeHammer turn out just a repeater of NanoDeath. :-( -- DemetriX

... but all the same I like Robocode very much!!! :-) -- DemetriX

Maybe I was critical too much with respect to SledgeHammer. After RambotChallenge2K6, where SledgeHammer takes the second position (of 9 total) with 44.48 overall score, I think that SledgeHammer is no so bad. :-) -- DemetriX

Thanks to ALL, who restored this page from vandalism -- DemetriX

Seems that with dev17, you are finally breaking through the 1700 barrier, congratulations. -- GrubbmGait

Hmm, dev17 score is 1691. Therefore congratulations are slightly early. The 1700 barrier is wait for me :-) -- DemetriX

Yeah, it seemed that you were going to make it after 250 battles, but you faced your problembots lateron. I just watch and wait until you really crush that barrier. -- GrubbmGait

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