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An old Nano by Simon Parker(think JollyNinja), but it still often gives new nanos a hard time. It is friggin' hard to make a nano that beats both NanoLauLectrik and FurryLeech at the same time. Dead last in melee in pretty much every league it's been entered into, though.

If I recall correctly this was also Simon's last bot. I believe Avesnar, SmallDevil and timmit's nanos are the only ones that can claim that distinction (having beaten both FurryLeech and the top PM nanos). Of course all of these unique strategies try to be strong overall bots and don't neccesarily work best in pure nano competition - though they do show you don't have to follow the trend to be top of the pack. FurryLeech has, however, spent alot of time punishing top nanos for having movement they can't reliably hit, and will continue to do so for a long time, I hope. It's a nano classic. -- Kuuran

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Last edited September 8, 2003 20:01 EST by Kuuran (diff)