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Welcome to the page documenting the history of GoofyBotCS. (A cookie to the first person that figures out what the CS stands for.)

Version history:

I'll be entering him into RR and I'll see how he does.


Cold Steel? -- PEZ

counter-strike! --mike

Watch him in action. The name's not that creative. --Goofy

Circles is my first guess, "Can't shoot" is my second - I was comparing it to my small collection of Nanos, though (FunkyChicken, FloodNano, SillyBot, and Lib), and found that it did fairly well against the better ones, but lost to SillyBot by a good amount and to Lib by an obscene amount. I suspect that this is because completely leading the enemy with your aim hits flatter movement as good as anything, but misses against bots that change direction more. -- Kawigi

CircleStrafe?, actually, but close enough. Yeah, I was gonna get around to trying to fix that, but got sidetracked by other things. I'll get back into the RoboCoding? when I finish my term paper. Though "Can't Shoot" is a good name for him, too. Did you see his Spec. Index? I think it was close to 190 last I checked. --Goofy

RoboRumble results came back disappointing. He landed a single spot above GoofyBot 0.10. I figured he might stick around at #196. Version 1.5 should have a new gun. If I can get it working, 2.0 will improve his movement.

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