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2001 Aug - RobocodeRepository goes online. It becomes the main bot exchange site and a very good place for discusion.

2001 Dec - The Gladiatorial League starts. It runs melee battles. There have been several winners in the competition till Sep 2002 (last competition hold): Rapture, TNT, Predator, PrairieWolf, Tron, Shadow, JollyNinja, Viper, SandboxLump and Fermat.

2002 Feb - RoboLeague released by Christian Schnell.

2002 Apr - Qohnil's league starts. After some months running, it closes in August. At that time TheArtOfWar was ruling the competition.

2002 May - Codesize utility released by Christian Schnell.

2002 May - Tobe implements an original idea from Miguel Sousa to hold competitions by category based on bot code-size. The Minibot Challenge is born. It is probably the site that has contributed more to the development of powerful small bots.

2002 May/Jul? - Robocode Rumble official tournament is hold. Enno Peters wins Advance Level with Yngwie, Arun Kishore wins Intermediate Level with Fermat and Manfred Schuster wins Beginner Level with Ares.

2002 Oct - Face2Face competition is created by Albert Perez. It features a direct elimination system for Micros, Minis and All bots.

2002 Oct - Wegleitner Gerald creates the EternalRumble to hold continuous competitions. Later, it becomes the unofficial global ranking for bots.

2002 Oct - RoboChina opens.

2002 Nov - Survivalist League by David McCoy? starts as a survival (rather than points) based league. Some days later a Perceptual bots league is added to the site. First survivalist competition is won by PrairieWolf. First perceptual competition is won by PerceputalDuelist?.

2003 Jan - RoboWiki is created by PEZ. It quickly becomes the biggest knowledge Robocode repository on the net.

2003 Mar - Face2face to hold team competitions.

2003 Apr - Robocode Outpost community and league starts, unfortunately falling somewhat inactive several months later.

2003 May - Face2face runs its last competition.

2003 Aug - Minibot Challenge runs the FINAL challenge.

2003 Sep - RoboRumble@home and RobocodeLittleLeague start.

2003 Dec - RoboRumble@home begins supporting melee battles.

2005 Aug - RobocodeLittleLeague stops updating.

2006 Aug - TwinDuel begins, a weekly 2v2 survivalist competition.

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