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Nice. I was planning to add these things to my surfing as soon as I get the current bugs out. Is this open source? Is the "wave detection" in one nice clean place I could rip out & steal ... er ... I mean ... model my own code after? -- Simonton

Umm... for the 400th time in a row, that was dumb. I just noticed a bug that explains why the scores didn't go up as much as they should have when I released 1.0beta10. I made the bot treat "stop" as moving in the previous direction, but I forgot to initialize the direction variable at the start of each round. By Java convention, a variable is automatically initialized to 0 if it is not set by the user code; unfortunately, my code can't handle a lateral direction of 0 in some spots (it is always supposed to be 1 or -1, that was the point of the change in the first place). A result of having the direction variable set to 0 is that my bot doesn't move some of the time. In other words, under certain conditions, Horizon is a sitting duck for two or three enemy shots at the beginning of every round!

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Ouch, that hurts. That really, really hurts.

Compare 1.0beta8GF to 1.0beta8: [1]

So, "yes"? =) --David Alves

I'd be glad that it isn't your movement, after all the work you've put into it =). -- Skilgannon

Well, that just goes to show that tweaking really does make a difference. Remember, the only change between 1.0beta6 and 1.0beta7 was to modify a few constants.

Compare 1.0beta7 to 1.0beta6: [2]

Compare 1.0beta7 to 1.0beta5: [3]

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