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I noticed this info on TheSpikeConundrum about DT 1.91:

The issue with the old DT here is that the stats were designed to cope with bullet flight times of up to 40 ticks (because in standard battles DT reduces bullet power to zero at a distance of 750 or more). With the larger space, and power 3 bullets this is easily exceeded and I end up firing guess factor 1.0 bullets at everything further away than 400 (because at 400 guess factor 1.0 does the job quite well).

I would gather that this means that any tank that tries to stay further than 440 pixels away is getting an unfair advantage in the MovementChallenge? (Dookious would be among them, as well as most high scorers I've tried in the CFC.) I had been thinking that perhaps a MovementChallenge2K6 was in order, and this kind of makes me think that even more so. Some of the TargetingChallenge results are out of date, but CassiusClay was the best GF gun there, I think; and who has the best PatternMatching gun at this point, Shadow? I may just start benchmarking my movement against them instead, in any case... -- Voidious

Yes, that's a problem with the CFC. CassiusClay should be a very good replacement as reference bot. About Shadow as an APMC reference, maybe it's better to continue using PatternMatcherBot since my gun is not a "pure" pattern matcher. -- ABC

Ah, OK. I ran a couple seasons CFC-style against CassiusClay, and the score was a fair amount lower, as expected. (It was like 55% vs high-60%'s against DT 1.91.) Is there really no better PM gun than Ender/PatternMatcherBot?? It's fine with me to keep him, but it would surprise me that nobody has created a better PM gun in such a long time. Also, even if Shadow is not a "pure" pattern matcher but is a very good non-GF gun, it seems like a good candidate for a MovementChallenge... But that's just my 2 cents. -- Voidious

I believe there are many PM guns around better than Enders. But you are right, mine is probably the best non-GF gun in the rumble. I'm all for it, dodging CassiusClay + Shadow should be a tough challenge. :) -- ABC

Cool :) I guess it would be good to wait and hear what others have to say about it, but for now let's list CassiusClay and Shadow as the two reference bots. I'll make the MovementChallenge2K6 page, too. Also, ABC, I think we could use your input on the TargetingChallenge2K6 page. I have learned much from this Wiki in recent months, but I am not quite experienced enough yet to make 10 good suggestions for a new TargetingChallenge... And most of the top dogs of Robocode haven't posted much lately. -- Voidious

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